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Our History




For more than 85 years, Roseland Community Hospital has provided comprehensive healthcare services on Chicago’s far South Side.  Our story is one of an institution that is as resilient as the community in which it is anchored.  Our history is one of trials resulting in triumph, difficulty generating determination, and anticipation transformed into accomplishment. 


The hospital opened in 1924 with a mission to provide care to residents of the Roseland and surrounding communities.  Since that time, Roseland Community Hospital has maintained this deliberate focus despite a myriad of social, economic and political changes that dramatically affected the surrounding neighborhoods.


The decade beginning in 1920 saw the area’s African-American population more than double, and Roseland experienced an unparalleled economic boom.  Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the Greater Roseland Area underwent a dramatic composition shift as African-American families made these neighborhoods their homes – a trend which continues to this day although the latest U.S. Census data indicates an increase in Latino residents.


Roseland Community Hospital remains committed to its original vision:  providing healthcare service to the Greater Roseland Area.  The hospital stands united with the residents of the Greater Roseland Area as partners in providing high quality services that are simultaneously tenacious, resilient and ever hopeful.  For its part, we expend more than $20 million annually to ensure that uninsured and underinsured residents receive appropriate healthcare services.  Further, we assist in improving the community’s health by providing preventive and educational asthma, breast cancer, and diabetes initiatives; cholesterol and prostate screenings; mammograms; one-on-one health education sessions; cardiovascular fitness for women; and children’s obesity reduction classes.