Acute Care Unit

The New Roseland Community Hospital’s Acute Care Unit (ACU) is the area of the hospital where patients receive medical care while they recover from illness or surgery. Patients in the Acute Care Unit are typically medically stable and ready to be discharged home within a few days. Patients who are stable, but not yet able to return home after a stay in the Acute Care Unit may be admitted to a skilled nursing facility for a longer recovery.

Your Acute Care Stay

No matter what you’re “in” for, our hospital physicians, nurses, imaging, laboratory, dietary and housekeeping staff will make you feel better about being here. However, there are other reasons that our hospital will make you feel better too:

  • Comfortable accommodations. Our rooms are large enough for patients and visitors, yet small enough to make patients feel warm and comfortable.
  • Patients are encouraged to engage with their healthcare team. Our staff is available to discuss medications, health history, allergies, and treatment plans at all times.